Let’s do a blog in English. We’ve been in Morocco a few years ago. Traveling through this beautiful country convinced us there is no better place to shop for interior-items than the souks of Fez, Meknes and of course, Marrakesh.

These days the Beni Ouarain carpets are a hot item in every white-boho-interior. I love them and I regret I didn’t bought one when we were there. Same for the cushions. I remember we already bought a lot of stuff and therefore we skipped the textiles.

When I saw the huge prices of the rugs imported to NL, I decided to go back to Marrakesh and buy a unique carpet ourselves. It’s the same price after all, and I can also buy some cushions, blankets, lamps and other interior stuff that are more expensive here than there. We know where to go and stay in the middle of the medina. I can already taste my favorite ‘tajine vegetale’ and smell the colorful spices… I count the days!

Foto’s via Pinterest, Rozenkelim.nl, Frustilista, Lahandira