Lets do an english blog for a change, as I have a lot of non-NL readers lately. Last week I had some conversation with Anya, owner of the fancy and bestselling Colour Moon posters. I love her prints and am very honored to have them in my home.

I’ll started 2 years ago with my best friend, Tasha, that helps me so much. My passion is to bring beauty and inspiration into life and into homes and I thought that creating inspirational prints is a good idea to give people more kindness and love and help them express their style at home.

Colour Moon is a home design studio and online shop located in Ukraine. But we ship all over the world. I’m happy, that Colour Moonโ€™s prints decorate the houses in many places of the planet Earth ๐Ÿ™‚ As for the Moon, I dream about the time when my prints will decorate the Moon too ๐Ÿ™‚ Because I think that everything needs some inspirational and kind words.

Future plans
During the summer we are going to release a new collection – for those who love ocean, summer, sand and sun. For those who want to take this summer vibes into their homes and even in cold winter days keep an inspiring warm and fresh atmosphere in the home.

The posters are for sale on Etsy: ColourMoon

Foto’s bij ons thuis