Elle Decoration Griekenland

Een tijdje terug kreeg ik de vraag van Elle Griekenland of ik in hun online Instagram rubriek wilde. Tuurlijk, leek me hartstikke leuk. Dus ik wat foto’s opgestuurd (onbetaald, ik ga voor de eer) en afwachten maar. Kreeg ik vandaag een mailtje van Elle Decoration, blijkt dat er een paar pagina’s van ons huis in staan! Zo ontzettend gaaf.

Ik kon niet wachten met deze blogpost tot ik het origineel in handen heb, dus heb ik het PDF file naar JPG laten omzetten. Voor wie Grieks kan lezen, het klopt dus dat de hoofdtekst wat door elkaar staat. Niet dat je denkt: die Marloes is me toch opgelicht! Haha. Het leukste is nog dat een volger op Instagram heeft aangeboden om de tekst te vertalen. Zodra ik deze binnen heb, komt hij erbij te staan! Ben toch wel benieuwd wat er staat…

De vertaling heb ik inmiddels van Iro ontvangen! Zo ontzettend lief. Thanks Iro, for translating ! XX >>> Iro has a great interior herself, stunning! You can find her on Instgram under @somanybreathsofjoy 

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The apartment of Dutch blogger Marloes breaks the coolness of Minimalism with hints of fashion & little boho details. Look at her girly corners & be inspired by her sense of aesthetics.
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A branch that Marloes cut from the garden brings freshness in the living room. The scene is completed with fashion journals & a black and white photograph from a fashion editorial which she has framed on the wall.
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Clothes in common view? Absolutely!

If you want to give an air of fashion in your home, regard your favorite pieces & accessories like sculptures.
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Dress to impress
Much like in your own style, likewise in your own home, fabrics play a leading role in order to make a fashion statement. An old couch can be transformed without big cost. Simply cover it with a large monochrome throw or a double size sheet. A big variety is available at bedandbath.gr. The loose foldings of the fabric as it is softly falling on the couch’s surface resemble a dress that is graciously wrapping the feminine silhouette. Complete the scenery with a plant placed in a ceramic pot which you will pant white. There are a lot of such pots in low prices & a variety of sizes at …
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Bring your walls to life 
Usually a large & empty surface brings us uneasiness not rely knowing how to fill it. A nice idea that is going to renew your living room is to print out atmospheric pictures that you like. Fashion editorials, black & white portraits, landscapes etc (the rest is info about where to have prints made in Greece & on Greek websites)
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Viva (celebrate) curves! 
Choose furniture with feminine lines, round surfaces as much as round shapes. Look for a round table like the Docksta from Ikea for €179 & suspend above it a white pendant in a sphere form like Solleftea for €24.99 from Ikea. Proceed with covering some of the chairs with fury throws to achieve a Nordic style. It is best for the colour palette to include maximum up to three tones. For a light filled & bright space outcome choose the combination of white, beige & “blonde” wood.
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Give your bedroom an exotic style. You’ll need a good mattress, white linen fabric to hang from the ceiling & a Moroccan lantern in which you’ll place fairy lights
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It’s just a paragraph about which type of mattress to chose and from where.