Happy Valentine!

Every now and than I like to do a blog in English. Of course you can translate Dutch into your own language but I am almost sure the translation is different than meant.

So let’s talk about valentines day. To me it’s not a special day. I don’t like the idea a lot of people have of this day. I hear couples complaining about each other whole day, every day a year round. But on valentines day they are suddenly best friends and the most romantic couple ever seen. They give each other gifts or they go out for a candle light dinner and as soon as it’s 15th of februari, they start fighting again. Why???

I can honestly say me and my hubs rarely fight. I don’t see the use of complaining. When I’m not happy in a situation I just tell him in stead of getting angry. Maybe my hubs is too sweet or I am easy going. Every day we tell each other I love you and we never split without a kiss. Our working days are long and exhausting but I always make dinner with a smile. Yes, also during weekdays. It’s so important to talk while having dinner. I want to take time to enjoy the good things.

So to me valentines day is a day we use to do something extra nice. We make breakfast on bed, take a shower together, laugh and wearing our Valentine Happy Socks, drink the wine we openend the day before (because 13th of februari was a good day too), watch movies all night, snuggled up under a warm blanket and end up with a hug and a kiss.

Actually, only the part of both wearing the Valentine Happy Socks is extra on this day, as the rest is just a description of our standard routine. If that is not normal, I guess we are hopelessly romantic people. 😉

Don’t use valentines day as an excuse but enjoy each other every day! Happy Valentine!